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Cherry Tree Cottage Bathrooms

This 2008 webpage was all about the sad story of a missing door frame.
We are delighted to confirm that the problem is fully resolved!
IdyllicPrague.com thanks all our Guests for being so understanding.

Family Bathroom Upstairs (Cherry Tree Lodge)

The Family Bathroom is on the upper floor and includes a basin, washing machine, bath with shower, bidet and toilet.
It is complete - finished several years ago.


Toilet Shower Room on Ground Floor Near Staircase (Cherry Tree Lodge)

There are three bathrooms in Cherry Tree Cottage.

     1)     a family bathroom upstairs - completed several years ago  (with washing machine)

     2)     a toilet shower room downstairs near the staircase (no washing machine)
            - completed 2008/02 without door frame (see photo left)

    3)     a toilet shower room downstairs near the garage - completed in 2007 (with washing machine)

Both of the downstairs toilet shower rooms have been rebuilt for wheelchair and disabled access. 
To provide wheelchair access the toilet shower rooms are fitted with special doors. 
The special doors need special door frames.  We were told that we might not receive the special door
frame for (2) until 2008/03/31.  Without the special door frame we were unable to hang the special door.

The photo to the left above shows the missing door frame.  Happily the photo in the middle above and the
photo on the right above shows that the missing door frame and door were fitted 2008/03/14.

Everything is now fully functional, correct, and ready for IdyllicPrague.com Guests!

We apologise for the incident, and thank all the IdyllicPrague.com Guests who have been
amazingly kind and understanding of our temporary difficulty.


Toilet Shower Room on Ground Floor Near Garage (Cherry Garden Suite)

This Toilet Shower Room was completed in 2007 and is complete, including door and door frame. 
The Toilet Shower Room includes a washing machine.  For details of disabled and wheelchair access click here.

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