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+42 02 5571 2656

+44 20 3034 1304
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Rybná 24
Prague 1 - Old Town
Czech Republic

Office 16006
PO Box 6945
W1A 6US England

IdyllicPrague.com is a web based business.  You may prefer to communicate with
IdyllicPrague by sending an email rather than by telephone.  However it is good to talk
occasionally on the telephone, as we can get to know each other much better that way.
+44 20 3034 1304 and +42 02 5571 2656 will usually be answered immediately, but that is
not guaranteed; we do not provide 24*7 cover, and may be travelling for example.  It may
be a good idea to agree a time for a telephone call by email so that we know when to expect
your call

We can only take credit card payments by telephone.  If you are calling to make
a credit card payment by telephone it is helpful to agree a time in advance

We do need your personal email address.   Holiday Portals such as AirBnB, HomeAway,
Booking.com etc will try to persuade you that you should only communicate via their censored
email systems.  However we do need to know that we have direct contact with you.  We also
need to send you web links; unfortunately the Holiday Portals often censor the indirect
emails and remove weblinks and telephone numbers for example.  If you think a particular
email needs to be independentlly recorded, then send your email to both email addresses

Prior to your holiday IdyllicPrague.com will post several contact telephone numbers to you.
Unlike +442030341304 these numbers will be answered live most of the time.

If you are driving by car to your IdyllicPrague.com Cottage then it is very important that
you inform IdyllicPrague.com of the time of your expected arrival many hours in advance
(usually when you start your journey) and update your arrival estimate as you enter the
Czech Republic. Plan to send a minimum of 3 SMS telephone text messages to Anna updating
her as to your expected arrival time.   For details of driving to Conifer Cottage click here,
and for details of driving to Cherry Tree Cottage here.

During your holiday please communicate with IdyllicPrague by email and telephone.
Anna, who lives very close by, will be available most of the time by mobile telephone
and email and will provide you with excellent support.   In addition please communicate
with any member of the IdyllicPrague Team by email or telephone

We do encourage you please to communicate with the IdyllicPrague.com team, if for example
you cannot find an item in the Cottages, or if repairs or maintenance are needed. 
Please do not wait until you are leaving before informing us that a repair or maintenance
is needed.  If we know about a maintenance request early we can usually make
the repair in time to enhance your holiday experience, and we can ensure that the
Cottage is in perfect order before the following Guest arrives.

The Mission of the IdyllicPrague Team is to ensure that you have a Wonderful, Comfortable,
Enjoyable, Memorable Holiday.   It is very frustrating for us to discover only when you are
leaving that we could have improved your holiday experience.  So please do not wait to tell us.
You will not be disturbing us, or bothering us.  You will be giving us a chance to make certain
that we give you the Best Holiday We Can.  That will make us very happy


Our old office addresses were:-

Business centrum Vítkov
Žižkov Roháčova 188/37
Prague 3

Czech Republic
Bořivojova 35
Prague 3
Czech Republic
33 Daws Lane
London NW7 4SD
+44 20 3006 3026


Emergency Police Municipal Police Fire Medical
112 158 156 150 155

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