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A Guide to Organising your Perfect Wedding in Prague

Couples planning their Perfect Wedding have realised that IdyllicPrague.com offers

    -    a memorable relaxed environment

    -    one of the most romantic photogenic locations in the world

    -    a never to be forgotten experience

    -    easy affordable access for all friends and family

    -    excellent value for money

IdyllicPrague will be delighted to assist you with many of the arrangements.  For an overview of the paperwork needed, see

Eddie and Cait have very kindly offered the following notes to assist any other couples considering
an IdyllicPrague.com Wedding:-

A Prague Wedding Guide from Cait & Eddie

"Below is a 'rough guide' to getting married in Prague.

These are the steps we have taken thus far; we hope they go some way to showing how straight
forward it is to get married in Prague.


The groom’s family will stay in IdyllicPrague.com Cherry Tree Cottage, the bride’s family
in IdyllicPrague.com Conifer Cottage. 

The Cherry Garden Suite is a perfect little apartment for two – it is attached to Cherry Tree Cottage
but is a separate living space for the bride and groom with private kitchen, bathroom etc.
We were able to view the cottages in advance when we visited Prague six months ahead of the wedding.

Travel to church:

Transport for both families is arranged with Dan, who has been extremely helpful. 
Large cars for 8 people will take most of the guests from the cottages into Prague,
with a separate wedding car for the bride and her parents.

Dan also arranged our transport from the wedding reception back to the cottages at 1am.
This is a great relief to know that the families can all return to the cottages easily at the end
of the day without having to order taxis. Total Cost GBP £170  (CZK 5,200kc)


As the bride and groom are both Catholics, the ceremony will take place in the English-speaking
parish church of St Thomas, Josef.
The church is a 15-20 minute journey from the outskirts of Prague to the city centre. 


Father William Faix, pastor of the church, was extremely helpful in arranging the wedding date
initially over the telephone an in giving us advice on the paperwork. 
We visited the church 6 months in advance of the wedding and met with Fr Faix to finalise details. 
He was very welcoming and offered to accommodate any wedding traditions from our home country (Northern Ireland).

Under advice from Fr Faix we have decided to have the legal paperwork completed in our home country
and to then have the marriage solemnised in the church in Prague.

Process for Catholic marriage:

Visit your local parish priest to undertake any marriage preparation and to complete a pre-nuptial enquiry.
This must be done separately by bride and groom with their parish priest.
The bride’s parish priest will then send the paperwork to the Bishop of the local diocese who will then send
this to the Archibishop of Prague.  Finally the Archibishop of Prague sends the paperwork to the priest who
will marry the couple (in our case Father Faix).

Papers must be completed no more than 6 months in advance of the wedding. 
I would advise any couple to meet with their parish priest as early as possible to allow almost 6 months
for papers to be sent between all the aforementioned channels.

We made a voluntary donation to the church.

Civil paperwork:

Alongside the paperwork required by the church, a couple must register the marriage legally. 
We decided to do this in our own country to make the process as easy as possible. 
This will probably vary in different countries so I would advise couples to contact their
General Register Office (or equivalent) to find out the process.
We will register our marriage in Belfast City Hall a few days before we depart for Prague
and bring the certificate with us for Father Faix’s reference.


We decided on Hotel Archibald on the Charles Bridge for the reception, having visited the
restaurant on our visit to Prague.


This venue is ten minutes walk from the church and is located on the river with a large outside seating area
– ideal if the weather is warm.  Even if it rains the venue is very nice inside. The surroundings, including the
famous Charles Bridge, will be lovely for photographs prior to the meal.
Petr, events manager, helped us to book the reception via email and gave us a choice of menus for the
wedding dinner. We are having a three course traditional Czech meal for 40 people including a wine package. 
We will have use of the reception room until late and will also be able to play our own music (until midnight).
Petr also kindly offered 20% off accommodation for any wedding guests wanting to stay in the hotel. Total cost £1,300"

Cait & Eddie  (Click here for Cait & Eddie's Wedding photos)

A Different Prague Wedding Guide from Julie

Our florist was Marketa at Rosmarino (http://www.rosmarino.cz/).  She provided all of the flowers for the bouquets,
ceremony and reception hall.  She was a pleasure to work with and the final products were gorgeous.

 For the Friday evening food, we had Greek food from Zorbas (http://www.reckarestaurace.cz/).  He could not provide
servers, but he helped to make a menu that we could heat up at the cottages and have a buffet style dinner.  
The food was excellent, they have some of the best tzatziki I have ever had and we had so much food for a good price.  
We also had Greek wine from him for the evening.

 I rented audio equipment from Vice Audio in Prague (http://www.viceaudio.com/cenik-sluzeb).  They even came to set
it up on Friday at the cottages.  Then moved things to Detaillo and added some more equipment on Saturday.  
They picked everything up on Sunday from the restaurant.

I rented a coach bus for a tour to Cesky Krumlov from Pragotour (http://www.pragotour.cz/).  The driver was great,
although he only spoke Czech, but understood hand and feet gestures quite well.  We also rented from them two
Buses to transfer people from the cottages to Detaillo after the ceremony.

 I would like to thank you again for all your help during our planning and Hana during our stay in Prague.  
Everyone truly enjoyed it and many people plan to return to the Czech Republic in the future.

 Julie & Florian (Click here for Julie & Florian's Wedding photos)



IdyllicPrague offer the most romantic wedding
packages in the most delightful relaxed bohemian
setting at totally affordable prices! Everything
can be arranged for you, with your wedding
reception in the historic Water Mill Restaurant
"Ve Mlejne" only 40 yards from your Cottage!

Plan your wedding just exactly the way you want
it to be - as formal or as informal as you like!

Luxury Romantic Cottages from £6/person/night.
Waiter served Wedding Banquet from £9/person
Sparkling wine from £7, wine from £4 bottle
Staropramen beer from £0.70p per pint!

Click here for sample wedding banquet menus
Optional extras include live musicians from £100
firework displays from £50
Optional bilingual co-ordinator from £100
Full low cost friendly English language legal help
with all paperwork and formalities click here


Just 40 yards across the bicycle track from your IdyllicPrague Cottage to your Wedding Reception!

Local customs include a special welcome drink and a plate smashing ceremony.

Wedding banquet with full waiter service from £9 per person. Sparkling wine from £7 per bottle, wine from £4 per bottle.
Staropramen beer from £0.70p per pint!

"The Prague wedding was lovely. It was just the way they wanted it."   Vicki USA 2009/05

If you plan to extend your celebrations into the evening, you might consider a barbeque in the restaurant garden.


Conifer Cottage

Cherry Tree Cottage

Cherry Tree Lodge

Cherry Garden Suite

6+1 bedrooms 4+2 bedrooms 3+2 bedrooms 1 bedroom
3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets 1 bathroom, 1 toilet
1 kitchen, 1 garage 2 kitchens, 2 garages 1 kitchen, 1 garage 1 kitchen, 1 garage

Click here for disabled and wheelchair options.    Prices above are indicative only, click here for accurate price details. 
For smaller groups, the price is "per Cottage per night", for larger groups, the price is "per Guest per night".  7 nights for the price of 6.
Prices vary by seasonal demand, so January, February, November, December are lower price, July and New Year are higher.

Conifer Cottage and Cherry Tree Cottage are only 400 metres apart, so they can be combined to accommodate up to 40 Guests.
Additional accommodation can be arranged nearby.

Click here for Conferences.


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