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Contract Between Guests and IdyllicPrague.com

IdyllicPrague.com are compelled by Czech Law to provide your personal information to the Czech Police
We do this via The Police Form Process.  For a more detailed version of this webpage describing the
Police Form and the other legal requirements in more detail, click here

See also http://www.policie.cz/docDetail.aspx?docid=21563997&doctype=ART click here for more detail
        or http://www.policie.cz/clanek/hlaseni-pobytu-cizincu.aspx

The Arrival Acceptance Form is a contract between the Guest and IdyllicPrague.com
which identifies some responsibilities of care and safety for both the Guest and IdyllicPrague.com.
IdyllicPrague.com require all Guests to sign the Arrival Acceptance Form on arrival at their Holiday Cottage.
In addition, IdyllicPrague.com require all Guests to send a signed Pre-Arrival Form to IdyllicPrague.com
their holiday.  The Pre-Arrival Form form is very similar to the Arrival Acceptance Form.
Please note that the contract applies to all Guests staying in IdyllicPrague.com Cottages, not
just the signatory.  Click here for the IdyllicPrague.com Damage and Breakage Policy.
Click here for the IdyllicPrague Booking Conditions.

You may also find it helpful to email this Questionnaire to IdyllicPrague.com.  The Questionnaire
contains information about your arrival and other needs, such as bicycle rental.  This information
makes it easier for the IdyllicPrague.com team to prepare for your holiday, and to ensure that
the start of your holiday is as happy, comfortable, and trouble free as possible.

IdyllicPrague.com take their responsibilities for Protecting Your Personal Data very seriously.
To ensure that we process your personal data as safely as possible, IdyllicPrague.com have
taken extensive expert advice.  For more details of the IdyllicPrague.com privacy policy, click here

The Police Form Process

    1)    Before your holiday, please send us the Police Form data for each and every member of your group  
            (For details of why we ask for this before your holiday, click here)       

    2)    We will then send your arrival date, departure date, first name, surname, date of birth,
            country of residence and passport number by special email to the Czech Police .

    3)    During your holiday, a member of the IdyllicPrague.com team will visit you by prior
            arrangement and ask you to sign to confirm that the details entered into the special police
            guest register book have been entered correctly.
            They will also use this visit to ensure that you are comfortable, that your holiday is going
            well, and to answer questions and provide information.

    4)    Czech law requires us to ask you to show us your passport to check against the police Guest book.
            If you are unable to offer us your passport to check against the police Guest book then Czech
            law requires us to make a note in the book that you did not offer us your passport for checking.

    5)    We are required to keep the details that you sent to us securely on file for 6 years,
            and available for inspection by the Czech Police whenever requested.

    6)    In order to comply with Czech Law, we regret that we cannot give any Guests access to any
            IdyllicPrague.com Cottage until this data has been received and processed.

    7)    We regret that we cannot accept scans or copies of your passport.   There are several reasons for this
            One reason is that it would violate GDPR Art 5 (1)c, the data minimization principle

    7)    IdyllicPrague.com also pay a tourist tax on your behalf.  This tax is included in the rental.
            Paying this tax necessitates reporting some of your personal details to the local village authorities.

    8)    You agree for IdyllicPrague.com to store your personal data in an appropriate secure manner,
            and authorise IdyllicPrague.com to communicate some of your personal data to others 
            when necessitated by Czech Law and when essential for the management of the
            IdyllicPrague.com business.  For more details click here

Sending the Police Form data by email

We would be grateful if you would please enter your personal data into a spreadsheet.xls (click here)
and send your data to us in the spreadsheet.xls by email.  The spreadsheet is arranged in the
following format, as this is the format in which we are required to prepare your data in a
spreadsheet.xls before feeding it into special software and then sending it to the Czech Police:-

Arrival date Departure date First name Surname   Date of birth     Country   Passport Comment Former name Place of birth Home address Visa Number Car license Address in Czech
06.05.2014 20.05.2014 JOHN SMITH   27.02.1961     GBR   987654321     London UK 3 The Green Ambridge WB1 5ZH UK 864297531 BR03 KSL Conifer Cottage
06.05.2014 20.05.2014 JILL SMITH   19.04.1963     IRL   739407611   BROWN Birmingham UK 3 The Green Ambridge WB1 5ZH UK 864297532 BR03 KSL Conifer Cottage

If it is not convenient for you to enter the information into a spreadsheet, then please either send the
information shown in the table above to us in an email, or send the paper printed police form to us by post.
For a copy of the same table as a spreadsheet click here

It is very helpful to us if you email the data to us in a spreadsheet, because it saves us from
having to copy-type your data, and reduces mistakes.

GDPR Compliance

We have obtained GDPR guidance from our lawyer JUDr. Pavel Dudák of www.vilimkovadudak.cz

He writes: -

Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Aliens (hereinafter as "Act on Residence of Aliens").

GDPR is not applicable on the data gathered by you and the Alien Police as well; the data
required by the provision 97 of the Act on Residence of Alien, is (i) first name, surname, (ii) date of birth,
(iii) nationality, (iv) permanent residency address abroad, (v) passport number, (vi) VISA number, if issued,
(vii) the beginning of the stay, (viii) place of the stay, (ix) estimated time of the stay, and (x) the purpose of the stay in CZ.

According to GDPR you should notify your guests that you gather the above mentioned data to fulfil your
legal duties with no need to be granted any consent of the guests for that purpose.

IdyllicPrague want to emphasise that we are very uncomfortable and concerned by our obligation to collect
the passport details of our Guests and send them to the Czech Police Computer.   We are very sympathetic
to Guests who are unhappy with this requirement.  However unfortunately it is Czech Law, it is required by
the Czech Police, and we obey Czech Law and we obey the Czech Police.

You may chose to provide your passport details on arrival; if you intend to do that please let us know that
that is your intention and please read the details here www.idyllicprague.biz/Legal-on-Arrival.htm

Sending the Police Form data by post

If you do not want to send the data to us by email, you can post it to us
at IdyllicPrague.com at 33 Daws Lane London NW7 4SD IdyllicPrague.com
Office 16006 PO Box 6945 London W1A 6US England

The Police Form looks like this:-

The table below is an illustrative example of the data you might put on the form:-

From:              2014/05/06 To:     2014/05/20
Surname:         Smith
First name: John
Former name: n/a
Date, place and state of birth 1961/02/27 London UK
Nationality British
Home address 3 The Green Ambridge WB1 5ZH UK
Purpose of Stay in Czech Republic Tourism
Passport Number 987654321
Visa Number 864297531
Car License Number None
Address in the Czech Republic Cherry Tree Cottage Za roklí
Černý Vůl Praha 252 62
Address in the Czech Republic Conifer Cottage Unětická
Černý Vůl Praha 252 62
Provider of Accommodation www.IdyllicPrague.com

For information as to whether you need a visa, please click here.

If you do not send the information to us by email, please post the signed and
completed Police Form to IdyllicPrague.com at 33 Daws Lane London NW7 4SD

Click here for a copy of the form . 
Here is the form again  http://www.mvcr.cz/mvcren/file/prihlas-gif.aspx

For a more detailed version of this webpage describing the Police Form and other legal
requirements, click here


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