Computer Work Stations, WiFi   
and Extreme Internet Resilience

UPDATE.  Following years of reliable operation of
ADSL broadband, the GTRAN service has been
withdrawn, as it was no longer needed.

We endeavour to provide reliable broadband
internet connection and WiFi to all Guests. 
Sometimes children of preceding Guests may
make unhelpful changes to the computer equipment
we provide for Guest use and this can interrupt the service.

If an internet connection is particularly important
to you, can you please discuss that with us prior
to your holiday?



For extreme resilience of service, two completely independent internet connections are provided in the Cottage.  One "broadband" connection is provided via a D-Link DSL-G664T (manual) ADSL modem  which receives high speed data transmitted into the Cottage as a high frequency signal over the domestic telephone line.  But in addition, in order to provide extreme resilience of service, a second totally independent broadband internet connection is supplied via a EuroTel GTRAN dedicated wireless modem. 

This GTRAN wireless modem uses "broadband" mobile telephone wireless signals and is therefore completely independent of domestic telephone cables.  Thus even if an event such as a falling tree were to cause the entire village to completely lose their telephone connections, an internet connection would continue to be available in the Cottage!

Two computer work stations and two completely independent broadband internet connections are provided in a work area on the upper floor.  A Compaq ‘Deskpro’ Computer Intel Pentium III 1Ghz 256 MB RAM with simple eMail and internet web browser software, monitor, mouse and keyboard is provided and in addition a "DAN" Pentium MMX Tower computer with simple eMail and internet web browser software, monitor, mouse and keyboard is also provided.  Two completely independent WiFi transmitters provide WiFi internet access throughout the Cottage thus providing you with a broadband internet connection from your WiFi enabled notebook anywhere in (and outside) the cottage.

For notebooks without WiFi, standard internet Ethernet hub connections are provided making it simple to connect any notebook via a standard Ethernet cable to either of the independent internet connections.

Taken together, this creates an extreme resilience of internet connection double that found in most modern offices!  We have installed this extreme resilience in response to the requests of some of our Guests who have explained to us that superb uninterruptible internet connection is extremely important to them throughout their holiday. 

If resilience of communication is of extreme importance to you, we recommend that you also consider renting a local mobile telephone, particularly if your own mobile telephone does not operate in the Czech Republic.  Click here for details.

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