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Cottage rental charge per night

Most Holiday-Rentals limit their Guests to a single changeover day - for example
other rentals might insist that holidays start and stop only on Saturdays. 
But we do not specify a changeover day.  We have found that our Guests greatly
appreciate the benefit of being able to schedule their holiday dates to suit their
precise needs.  In addition fully flexible dates allow our Guests to take
full advantage of low cost flights often achieving dramatic savings in flight costs.

Price includes (subject to availability and conditions) free use of locking garage, free welcome pack,
free broadband Internet WiFi, free services (electric, water, heating, telephone) free laundering of
bedding and towels,  free cleaning and free bilingual telephone holiday support throughout
your IdyllicPrague.com holiday!

We offer 7 nights for the price of 6.  For payment details, click here

Bookings are typically for a minimum period of 3 days.  In periods of high demand, minimum occupancy is 10 Guests per Cottage.  However in periods of low demand, minimum occupancy is much more flexible

There is extremely high demand for New Year rental.   IdyllicPrague want to favour larger Groups who stay for longer periods, so, in order to allocate the coveted 31st December bookings as fairly as possible and to deliver maximum value, a minimum rental applies to any rental that includes 31st December.   In consequence, a small Group who stay only for a couple of days over New Year may pay the same as a large Group who stay for many days over New Year.  In 2018 the minimum rental was EUR 2,000

In 2018, rental prices were based on EUR 16 per Guest per night, EUR 20 per Guest per night, and EUR 24 per Guest per night.   The prices vary according to seasonal demand.   Prices are much cheaper for Guests who book directly with IdyllicPrague

If you are communicating via a 3rd party website portal such as HomeAway, then HomeAway prices will apply.  HomeAway take an annual fee of EUR n,000 from IdyllicPrague, HomeAway charge IdyllicPrague a percentage fee for each IdyllicPrague booking, and HomeAway also charge IdyllicPrague Guests a booking fee on top of the holiday rental fee.  HomeAway also withhold
payment for many months, making it necessary to provide additional finance to fund substantially diminished cash-flow.   IdyllicPrague regret therefore that, in order to cover these unnecessary additional costs, IdyllicPrague have to charge more to Guests who make indirect bookings through HomeAway.  If you would prefer a lower rental price, then book direct with IdyllicPrague.com

Please be very aware that 3rd party website portal such as HomeAway record, monitor and censor all communication which passes through their website portal email system.  HomeAway remove all website URLs, email addresses and telephone numbers from all emails sent via the HomeAway website portal.  HomeAway also send emails to Guests which appear to have come from the Property Owner yet the Property Owner has no visibility of those communications.

If you would prefer to rent directly from IdyllicPrague, then please communicate directly with IdyllicPrague click here.

Conifer Cottage

Cherry Tree Cottage

Cherry Tree Lodge

Cherry Garden Suite

6+1 bedrooms 4+2 bedrooms 3+2 bedrooms 1 bedroom
3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets 1 bathroom, 1 toilet
1 kitchen, 1 garage 2 kitchens, 2 garages 1 kitchen, 1 garage 1 kitchen, 1 garage

Click here for disabled and wheelchair options.   
For smaller groups, the price is "per Cottage per night",
for larger groups, the price is "per Guest per night".  7 nights for the price of 6.

Conifer Cottage and Cherry Tree Cottage are only 400 metres apart,
so they can be combined to accommodate up to 40 Guests.  By including
Apple Tree Villa we can accommodate up to 60 Guests

Rent-a-chef service may be available for all inclusive for a quality evening meal prepared for you by an expert professional chef.

Bicycle rental may be available.

Swimming pool rental may be available

Price includes free use of secure garage, free welcome pack, free Wi-Fi, free services (electric, water, heating, telephone), free laundering of bedding and towels, free cleaning and free bilingual telephone holiday support.  Airport collection available

Cherry Garden Suite and Cherry Tree Lodge have been rebuilt for easy access for wheelchair users.  Cherry Tree Cottage consists of Cherry Tree Lodge opened to connect with Cherry Garden Suite.

Combining all the Cottages gives accommodation for up to 40 Guests.  We have hosted several very successful IdyllicPrague Weddings.  By including Apple Tree Villa we can accommodate up to 60 Guests

Idyllic Prague allow you to freely choose your own holiday start and end date - we do not impose a 'change-over-day'. That means that you can plan your holiday exactly as you want it - and can benefit from low priced flights. Idyllic Prague offer Conifer Cottage, Cherry Tree Cottage, Cherry Tree Lodge and Cherry Garden Suite. Cherry Garden Suite has been rebuilt for easy access for wheelchair users, including purpose built toilet shower room designed for wheelchair access.

 This standard rate is increased at peak seasons and decreased at economy
seasons according to the following rate bands:-

Click here for availability charts


bulletMinimum Cottage rentals apply
bulletCharges will be calculated in Euro but may be paid in any major
currency. Other currencies are shown for guidance only
bulletFor the comfort of other guests, no smoking permitted inside the cottage
bulletFor the comfort of other guests, no pets are permitted  (for Guests with
pet allergies - we believe that the Cottage has always been "pet free")
bulletCottage and bicycle rental at Guest's risk.  For more details click here
bulletIdyllicPrague try to be as flexible as possible to ensure the comfort of all
Guests.  So far we have almost always succeeded in fully accommodating all
Guests requested arrival and departure times.  It may occasionally happen
that in order to maintain the highest standards of preparation of the Cottage
for the following Guest, it may occasionally be necessary to ask the departing
Guest to leave the Cottage by 10:00 and delay access to the Cottage for
the arriving Guest until 15:00.  Should this be necessary IdyllicPrague will
work with the Guests to make this changeover as comfortable as possible
bulletArrival or departure before 09:00 or after 21:00 by special arrangement only
bulletAll Guests will be asked to sign an Arrival Acceptance Form
bulletFor full payment details, click here

Other services offered include

Bicycle rental first day per bicycle (if paid before holiday arrival) 10
Bicycle rental subsequent days per bicycle 1

Metro tickets can be purchased in Prague (click here for details).

Children are classed as 15 years and younger on Buses metro and trams. 

You may also like to consider

bulletGrocery delivery from Tesco or Z-Market (click here) - payment cash on delivery
bulletIdyllicPrague Chauffeur services - payment direct to the driver
bulletIdyllicPrague will be assist you to arrange car rental click here

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